Allah Cried​.​.​. 9​-​11 Blues

by Sami Tabla


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This tune represents my own personal reaction to the events of 09-11-01 and was produced as an emotional response to them. As an artist... I needed perspective and had to attempt to say something... to respond in the only way I knew how while trying to reflect the chaos and unknowns surrounding the American people at that time. I knew that there was truly no way for that to be done ... I just had to try to get the sadness out of me.

The tracks were created within one day of the attack, but, due to the horror of 9-11 and it's emotional aftermath, it took me eleven months to finally get up the courage to mix the tracks down. The finished mix was originally posted to the internet on 09-10-02. This is by no means a polished recording... just something from the Heart.

Originally released September 10, 2002. Re-posted to the internet 09-06-11 because "We must Never Forget".


released September 10, 2002
The initial tracks were recorded between 09-12-01 and 09-14-01 using a Apple G4/400 computer, an Aleisis QS6.1 synthesizer for pre set voicings and Metro 5 for audio/midi sequencing.

Produced by VoidPilot Productions, San Francisco.




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